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Can we decrease depression rate after child birth by painless labor?

Haleh Farzin, Hojjat Pourfathi

Department of Anesthesiology,Tabriz University,Tabriz,Iran

BACKGROUND AND AIM: Postpartum depression is a common event after delivery. Among some possible causes, pain is an important contributing factor which can play role in increasing psychiatric disease. The aim of study was to assess the effect of neuroaxial analgesic methods on reducing incidence of postpartum depression.

METHODS: 280 pregnant women (140 cases, 140 controls) without depression history were participated in this clinical trial. Epidural analgesia was performed in 57 women based on their request. Edinburg test were used for mental assessment up to 40 days after delivery. Score equal or more than 10 was considered as depression. We analyzed whether association between epidural analgesia and depression is or not.

RESULTS: Postpartum depression occurred in of pain less delivery group and natural delivery group. There was statistically significant difference between them.It means that depression rate in painless delivery group was lower than natural delivery group. High Edinburg score was associated with high risk of depression.

CONCLUSIONS: Our study can demonstrated epidural analgesia decrease risk of depression. But, we think that needs to further studies about in this issue. Finally, we believe that relief of labor pain can decrease pain and its complications on several aspects of women life after delivery.

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