On-Line Assessment (OLA)

22 Eylül 2017 Cuma

Dear Volunteer, 

We are glad to announce that the next On-Line Assessment (OLA) will take place on Friday 20 April 2018 from 14:00 to 17:00 (Central European Summer Time). The 2018 Registration Fee is €50 per candidate regardless of the registration type.

Candidates can take the test in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Chinese.


As a reminder, the OLA is an on-line test designed to help anaesthetists identify areas where their knowledge needs improving and up-dating. Directors of Training, consultants and trainees at different stages of training may use the OLA for various purposes: examination preparation, regular self-assessment, formal examination and in the future perhaps increasingly as help for revalidation of skills.

The On-Line Assessment (OLA) is very similar to the In-Training Assessment (ITA) and the EDAIC Part I Examination. It uses the same marking system, and has the same structure: 2 sets of 60 Multiple-Choice Questions, with 5 true/false answers to give for each question. It is therefore a perfect training tool for all candidates wanting to take the EDAIC Part I in autumn.


Hospitals able to host the assessment in good conditions can apply as OLA centres any given year, without applying for accreditation. Details concerning centre requirements and host duties are listed in the updated “OLA Host Guidelines” and “OLA Regulations for Candidates” attached. Volunteers interested in organising the OLA in their own department in April 2018, need to carefully refer to these documents before applying.

If you are confident that the OLA can be run (again) in your department, please fill in the Jotform “OLA Centre Application Form 2018” before 17 November 2017.

IMPORTANT : please note that OLA Hosts who organised the assessment in the past also need to fill in the Jotform in order to host the 2018 session of the assessment. Thank you very much.


OLA centres normally open both to :

à local candidates through group registration

à external candidates through individual on-line registration

There is no minimum number of candidates required to open an OLA centre. Group registrations take place before individual registrations in order to give priority to local residents. During group registrations, Hosts can register their local candidates for the OLA. Only remaining examination seats will be made available to external candidates through the individual on-line registration system. If a Host registers candidates through group registration, he or she will receive an invoice for the group as well as a group report with the results of the non-specialist candidates he or she registered. The residents will also receive individual performance reports with their results.

IMPORTANT : If you wish to register candidates, please fill in the attached “Group Registration Form 2018” and send it back to odile@esahq.org before 17 November 2017. Please note that beyond that deadline, it will no longer be possible to register candidates through Group Registrations. Candidates will have to individually register on-line. The Host must ensure that one single group payment will be organized upon receipt of the ESA invoice. Any individual payments received from candidates registered through a group registration form will be rejected.

Hosts who do not wish to register candidates and prefer to make all the places in their centre available during individual on-line registrations can do so, but will receive no invoice or group results. During individual registration, each candidate pays directly online.

IMPORTANT: Candidates who were registered during group registrations by their Host Centre should not register again individually via the ESA’s on-line system.

Individual registrations are scheduled to open early December and close in the beginning of February 2018.

Further information is available on the ESA website.

As always, we thank you very much in advance for your kind help!

Don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any question.

With kind regards,

Odile Jacquet

Examinations Coordinator

ESA Examinations Department

Tel: +32 2 210 94 15 | Fax: +32 2 743 32 98

24 rue des Comédiens,1000 Brussels - Belgium

OLA Host Guidelines

OLA Regulations for Candidates - ENGLISH

Group Registration Form 2018